Workplace Sins

My dad loves to tell me via text "Record 20/20" or "Turn on Travel Channel... now !" Usually I get the text when I'm nowhere near the TV or covered in acrylic paint listening to a comedy podcast while attempting to paint a masterpiece for my walls because I'm too cheap to buy real art and also because I challenged my husband to an art-off. Like a dance-off but way less fun to watch.

In any case, I actually listened to my dad a couple weeks ago to DVR a 20/20 on "Work Wars: How to Win Them, How to Wage Them." 

One of the segments was about workplace sins, based on an interview with the author of "Corporate Confidential," who's a former HR professional. For some reason, that segment was really interesting to me. 

Do you bring baked goods to work? SIN! Unless you work at Sprinkles.

Are you too popular at work? SIN!

Is your cube super decorated? SIN!

Multitasking? SIN!

Did this article resonate with you in any way? What should we not be doing at work?