Memo to Dessy: 18.5 Months

A year and a half? You're a year and a half old? Going on terrible twos. And by terrible I mean you're a small tyrant with light feathery hair and the strength of 10 babies when you don't want to do something.

You will hit, stomp, frown, wriggle, arch and flail with the best of them. And scrab. You're a total scrabber. You scratch and grab with your "claws" as Emmy calls them. You have these talons because you won't allow anyone to cut your nails except for Daddy. And that's a brand new development as of this month. He tricks you into clipping them one at a time. Asian Grandpa had early success a few months back, even got so bold as to text us photos of your beautifully trimmed fingernails with captions like "See?" "And you said it couldn't be done."

But then he got too bold, clipped the tip of one of your fingers, drew blood, and we all nearly fainted. He called Daddy in a panic and was unable to wrestle a band-aid onto you because as I mentioned above, you have the strength of 10 babies when you don't want to do something. Eventually you healed. But Asian Grandpa no longer comes near you with any sharp objects. No one wants to live through that again.

"Why is she so mean" will be your first full sentence because that's what I'm always saying (jokingly) every time you swat me away and say "No. No! Nohhhh." because you want Asian Grandma to sit in the chair with you, not me. Or you want her to lift you out of the crib. Or pick you up. Or pretty much just about everything. Sorry, it's confusing because you call her "Mama" and me "Mommy." She's always your first pick. You have a really special bond with Asian Grandma. But I understand. She does the heavy lifting and for that I'm so grateful. I just shrug it off and gobble you up anyway because you are completely delicious. I love a good fight and you give as good as you get. 

Only you don't get any fighting from your big sis. The worst she gives you is sometimes wanting alone time in her room or shooing you away loudly when you come too close to a Calico Critters scene she's created because, "ODESSA! DON'T! You're/She's gonna mess it up!" Emmy talks to you more now which is great fun to watch. I can't wait til you two minions start conversing and playing and mixing it up. I think you're gonna be a swell couple of fellows and moreover, you will be even more entertaining once you start interacting. And what good are offspring if they can't provide some entertainment? Hear hear.

But as much of a spitfire dragon baby as you are, you are also incredibly huggable and loveable and such a funny little character. You're really into exploring and figuring out your toys; you're more active and physical with your stuff than how I remember Emmy.

You say "do," "do," when you want to do something like get picked up to do whatever Emmy is doing, like walking along an elevated curb. You say "bong" "bong" when you want to be carried. You have all kinds of cute words in your vocab like "Me-oh" for Romeo, "Safoo" for Tofu, and you're favorite is Coco and you can actually say Coco.

You parrot everything. But your first response for any question is "no." Or naaooohhhh." And then we say, "Say yes!" and you say, "yes?!"

Your hugs are sensational. When you let me cuddle you and inhale your skin and sniff up your hair and bury my nose your chubby shoulder and side belly and under chinny chin chin. 

You're in constant motion but you like to entertain yourself. You pull the kid chairs all over the kitchen so you can peek your little counter height head over and squish and poke everything within your reach. You love walking around outside and now you let us hold your hand pretty well when we're out and about. You don't seem to have any fears and you're pretty rough and tumble. Favorite memory of the moment--when you stepped up on a curb, then semi-slipped off of it while doing a 180 and landed on your bum. At your age (and maybe even now) Emmy would have cried, if not from the wind getting knocked out of her, certainly from the surprise. You just stood up, furrowed your brow, and carried on. Daddy coined the best phrase, "OK Parkour." It totally captures your little essence. Fearless baby ninja. 

Love you,

Mama Ninja