New York, New York

I just got back from an exhilarating/exhausting trip to NYC for the Asian American Journalists Association convention. It was a mix of learning new things to improve my reporting, seeing old journalist friends who are reporting all over the country, and an interesting introspective look at how people in Manhattan survive the day to day. And man, do they survive. The city pulsates with a purposeful intensity. People are always on the streets and the mix is unlike anywhere else I've been. And everyone is so good looking. And different looking. And out dancing on the sidewalks at 11pm at night. These people have jobs, but somehow they seem to play as hard as they work.

I kept trying to picture The Good Doctor living there. It was tough to imagine. The place is frenetic. I wish I had time to see how people live in the buroughs and how they do it with families. It would be really interesting to raise Emmy and Dessy as New Yawkers. If they got the accents I would love it. 

It was a nice trip down memory lane too. The last time AAJA was in NY, I was fresh out of college lugging a bag of VHS tapes looking for my first job. And three weeks later I was on a flight out to Orlando with a $1500 moving budget and a belly full of butterflies. This time I had an iPad with my stories loaded on it and just a belly from having two babies. 

Things I learned about New York:

1. People will get into real conversations with you. About their plans to enlist in the Army, how they feel about U.S. involvement in Syria, their sister they hate, their son's sex questions, why you shouldn't have a third child, what's missing from local news coverage, and why their daughter-in-law to be is a ding dong.

2. Scaffolding is everywhere and construction is ongoing. 

3. Things drip on you from above when you're walking. Just keep walking.

4. 5 out of 6 cabbies are so not friendly.

5. 30 Rock is pretty amazing. 

6. Everything is more saturated.

7. The man on the street interviews in local news are so colorful and savory and uber New York.

8. People are so tough.

9. The city really doesn't sleep.

10. The wealth concentration is mind boggling. People take helicopters to play golf. 

11. No one stays in their apartments because there's no space. That's why everyone is always out on the streets or in restaurants or in the park.

12. It's home to ramen burgers and cronuts and because there are so many people in New York, you can always find at least 50 who will line up outside of a bakery for the latest food craze.

13. Speaking of ramen post is about how we made them, at home, Asian Grandpa style.