Memo to Emmy: 52 Months

Your top quotes as of this moment:

1. "Let ME see."

2. "Watch this." Followed by a spin move, or jump, or something really not that watch-worthy, but hey, you're 4, and you're doing a lot of stuff that you think is pretty fantastic.

3. "That's just the way the world works, Mama." So wise.

4. "Let's pretend I'm your mommy."

5. "Let's pretend we're neighbors. Hi I'm ya' neighbor, LuluEmma." Influenced by one too many pairs of Lululemon pants? (Daddy's, not mine.)

6. "But why (fill in the blank with such things as "But why do you have to drive in the lines, Daddy?" Answer: So we don't crash and die, Emmy. Driving is dangerous business.)

7. "Let's pretend we're having a picnic/slumber party." Those are generally the only two scenarios you're interested in.

8. "OWWWWWWWWWW! Odessa BIT me!" Followed by major wailing.

9. "She's pulling my hair!!!" See #8.

10. "She hit me." Again, reference above.

You're legit reading! You know sight words and your rendition of the first few pages of "The Duckling Gets a Cookie" is pretty spectacular. The right inflection and everything. Then it slows down and I have to pick up and take over before I fall asleep in your bed at 8PM. Nothing triggers my yawning as much as reading children's books between 7:30-8PM.

I fear becoming the Parent Who Loves Too Much because you give me every reason to coddle you and barely any reasons to be strict. Sure, you're a little dawdler when it comes to brushing your teeth or putting on clothes but if that's the only thing I really have to worry about.

At "4 and a quarter" you draw better than I could ever hope to and you have such a big imagination. Watching you execute your outdoor scenes with detailed images of the grass, wood fences, houses, birds, dahlias, family members, and dogs on leashes is a small wonder. You're a little leftie artist but you draw quickly and decisively, no hesitation except for when you come up to choose another color of pencil or marker or crayon. I really wonder what else will be different about you as you grow up, what other things you will best me at, how your thinking and talents will be your own.

You also have no problem posting your 3x5 card (we are pretty cheap not to actually buy card stock and somewhere you found a stack of those from my college days) drawings in the appropriate places: over the beds of your family members/muses, including Dessy.

It is pretty sweet watching you big sister it up. You try to get Odessa to repeat after you and to speak. Sharing and playing together has not quite happened yet. We haven't achieved that level of synergy yet (reference #8-10 above) but I have high hopes. #tigersisters

You have taste and style now too, preferences for which shoes or dress or shirt and short ensemble you want to wear. Perhaps it's because you're your mother's daughter. I take you to the mall more than I should but it's actually getting fun (minus Odessa's very rigid timeline that keeps us moving at a brisk pace.) You're just a total go with the flow kid who makes funny observations and asks random questions. You repeat the oddest things to us and remember the funniest lyrics at random times. Like when you're floating in the bath pouring water on your belly button singing, "You are my treasure. You are my treasure." Or when you sing, "I knew you were trouble when you walked in." It cracks me up without fail. 

I was recently asked what I hold most sacred (besides the standard stuff like family, health, chocolate) and I said "being able to laugh/laughter." I couldn't live without humor, seeing the funny side of things, looking for the inside joke. As you get older, you bring a completely new kind of smile and laugh to my life. 

Thank you my little Emerson.