Ramen Burger: Homestyle

Inspired by my recent trip to NYC, my dad emailed me an article about the ramen burger and said, "If you can't get this in NY. I will make this at home on Sat...Emoji"

The man loves emoticons.

He followed through on the promise. 

We used the recipe in this video to replicate the famous burger that was born in NY.

It was very easy to make. I'd suggest definitely using the seasoning packet to get the ramen noodley flavor into the 'buns.' 

Another modification, especially if you're as carb conscious as the husband people in my life, use 1/3rd of a packet of ramen per bun. Or a 1/4 if you want to a super crispy skinny bun.

So what does it taste like?

A burger. The ramen definitely has the same consistency as a bun. Dress it how you like--bacon, fried egg, mushrooms, spam. The possibilities are endless.

They definitely need sriracha ketchup. 1:1 ratio makes it spicy enough for me. Add more sriracha if you like fire. 

It's a lot easier to rip open a plastic bag of buns but ramen burgers look kind of cool and they're very easy to make to impress someone. Since I don't have to impress that many people with my ramen buns, it may be a little while before I make these again. Still, they are worth trying out.