Vicky Nguyen Where Ya' Been?

My dear daily blog readers who have been checking in, wondering about my general welfare and mental well-being, I can assure you that at least the former is in excellent shape. 

I've been strongly wrestling with whether or not to shut down this blog for the time being. Not because I don't love having a creative outlet and a built in prompter that forces me to record the developments of my two most precious beings, but because investigative reporting has raised a lot of concerns about what I'm putting out into the webverse.

Mainly in two categories.

1. People are literal. They can't always differentiate between what's meant to be satire versus what's meant to be serious.

2. The stories I do now really piss people off. Majorly. So much so they stomp around, and write angry emails and memos, and they lose their bananas regularly.

These two things make it less fun to openly express my First Amendment opinions and a lot less fun to post photos of my bambinos whom I love so much and write about so that our families can stay updated on their antics.

I've been so grateful for the readers and for the heartfelt email messages from new moms who could so relate to the craziness of transitioning into that phase of life. I've loved being able to crack you up and in return get the release of knowing I'm not the only person who sees things the way that I do.

 I don't think any other investigative journalists have ever had a blog that covered these types of topics. And for good reason. Obviously when I started this blog, I was a new mom, a general assignment reporter, a lot younger, a lot nicer, and a lot less worried about the mean and bad people of the world who I'm now exposing, and who would love to use myself against me in a lawsuit.

It sucks to be censored, even when it's self censorship. But I'm not the host of Access Hollywood. I'm not Ryan Seacrest. I don't get to have fun on the interwebs. No jokes. No snark. No personality. No oversharing. #IInvestigate 

Thoughts? Advice? It seems weird to sign off so suddenly, but I hate irregular blog posters. If I read a blog, I want content and I want it to smell fresh and feel fluffy and relevant and frequent. And if I can't do justice to you, my readers, should I just call it quits for now?