Memo to Emmy: 60 Months

You're 5! You're 5 FIVE cinco HIGH 5 FIVE!!!!!

We offered you the choice of a bunny party or a tea party. You chose wisely.

Let's also say that we didn't throw you a 3rd birthday party and your 4th bday was a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium so we felt liek we could do a little something special for your golden birthday. 

Although had we known it was your golden birthday we would have maybe done a crazy golden theme so it's good we didn't realize it until after we'd already booked the bunny lady and committed to the fuzzball theme.

We went a little lot crazy on this one in terms of the prep work. It was quite a few nights of cutting, pasting, printing, constructing, molding, hanging, arranging, creating, gluing, stuffing, wrapping, tying, pouring, moving, labeling, choosing, fonting, and being exhausted. 

I would not recommend anyone take this on themselves. That's why there are professionals and those professionals are damn good. But we never met a challenge in the form of a child's Pinterest worthy party that we didn't want to conquer. ] 

Which reminds me of these hilarious sites where people try to recreate what they see online, only to fail miserably. I just love how they label their photos with "nailed it" which also happens to be one of my favorite phrases because its so gleefully self glorifying. Like who says that about themselves after they do something well? Gleeful self glorifiers, that's who. 

However, turning our home into a party sweat shop was totally worth it for some of these fantastic pictures of your perfect sweet face enjoying the bun balls. And because you're really the best 5 year old we could ask for. You're pretty awesomely helpful these days and kind and as your teachers put it, "bright" and "tender." You're sensitive and inquisitive and so genuinely nice. You don't have any frenemies and you get along with your schoolmates. Every once in a while you give Odessa a small kicknudge to the belly to remind her who's boss but you're mostly a very gracious big sister.

I call this bunny "Emo Bun." Wicked eyeliner bruh.

We could've made Odessa a sweater from this Angora.

We were pretty proud of this homemade punch box--and the many other ideas we got from this blog post about a bunny party. It's like the latest in alternative pinatas. Who doesn't love to punch something and then grab a prize? I wish I could do it every day.


I love this image from our friend Matt. Somehow he and Jan flew in from New York with a toddler and a 4 month old and completely helped us pull off this whole party with all the last minute preps. Like placing chocolate hazelnut carrots in a Calico Critter trainset. Don't ask. It will be in the video that I need to get around to editing.

Happy happy 5th birthday, Golden Girl.