Bunny Birthday Party Highlights

This sign was the product of The Good Doctor and our design-gifted out of town guest Jan. I'm good at manual labor only. I can cut, fold, glue. But spacing and printing and moving margins around--that's not my bag baby. Thankfully I have outsourcing options. 

The circles were inspired by paper rosettes we saw at Paper Source. Each one is made of three pieces of construction paper that came in a huge pad from Michaels.

Found a super cute silicone bunny mold and made Jello bunnies. Easy peasy -- just follow the Jello directions for the jigglers (less water and no ice) and pour into molds. Chill and voila, jiggly bunnies.

Signage makes everything seem more special. Although we joked about making super literal tags for everything: "crackers in a bag," "small bunny shaped Jello pieces," "small cupcakes from a box mix," "party favors for children." It would have been like a party for English language learners.

Now I understand why people put favors in bags. It takes .8 seconds versus 2 minutes to wrap a book. My only solace is that kids like unwrapping stuff so hopefully they appreciated this labor of love.

Rainbow fruit skewers. Pretty, but never again. Way too much labor. Next time we'll do the fruit rainbow on a platter and people can just scoop up what they want and I don't have to deal with skewers or wasted fruit.

Again with the formatting and proper spacing of letters to dress up the Costco carrot cake.

Nicely held up by our ninja bunnies! They were just regular bunnies until The Good Doctor realized we'd need another string to hold up the letters so they became all Karate Kid.

Thanks Uncle Mike for this pic of the bday girl surrounded by her pals. All in all, a hoppy birthday indeed.