Memo to Dessy: 25.75 Months

Oh Dess-dess,

Since I last wrote about you, you've already changed gobs. You used to not be able to say the "s" sound when it was in front of a consonant. Spoon became 'poon, smile became 'mile, stop it became 'top it. But my favorite was when I starting talking about your cute little calf muscles, calling them "sports calves." You would parrot me and say, "'Ports cabs!"

But that was 24 month old Odessa. Now at the ripe age of 25.75 months, your pronunciation has already changed and you no longer saying 'tar for star and 'mooth for smooth and 'qurrel (which was virtually impossible to interpret but I'm your mom and I'm awesome) for squirrel.

You have this uncanny ability of repeating exactly the thing I said that I wouldn't want you to repeat. Luckily no swear words but you are the exact opposite of Emmy in this regard. Where she would pick up on any sort of negativity or verboten thing and steer clear, you hear the most random edgy things and gleefully shout them out. Examples include: when I hear something crazy and I say, "Oh my God!" You follow up with "OH MY GODDDDD." Or when I said something about Daddy being busted, you said "Daddy, BUSTED!!!" I shake my head to think what's coming.

You're counting to 29 pretty well with only a few mix ups in the teens. The big finish is always, "twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty niiiiine....eleven!" If I ever start a band, I'm calling it 29-11.  

What a fun time you had in Maui--building castles and getting a sandy bottom on the beach. You were done with the flight there about 30 minutes in but somehow we made it through the next 6 hours. 


Your vocabulary in English and Vietnamese is growing. You surprise Asian Grandma all the time with your recall of the Vietnamese words for watermeon and bellybutton. 

If you decide you're unwilling to comply with something, usually something extremely difficult that we've asked of you, like to wave, or smile, you say, "Nnnnoh! I DON'T. I DON'T." while you wave your little hands around like a dictator at the podium.

That level of cuteness is so dangerous. 

You're really listening into our conversations, interrupting Daddy and me all the time to say, "WHO Mommy? WHO?" when you hear me talking about someone. We just make up names and it seems to appease you. "Burt Reynolds, Odessa. Burt Reynolds." Then you go back to whatever you were attempting to do, usually something with your blankie or something that you refuse to let Emmy partake in as you wave your hands saying, "Mines! No Emmy. Mines!!" 

You're so curious now and totally Daddy's little buddy just like Emmy was at this. "Daddy's coming to geeeehhhht me!!" is your favorite thing to squeal before you run off to hide under my sheets. Breathing in the air under our covers with my face two inches from yours while you look all 'round waiting for Daddy to get you is one of my happiest moments. 

You're now also wearing underpants during the day! We are getting you ready for preschool and "being a big girl" and two weeks ago we started going for it--no diapers during your waking hours. So far, pretty impressive. Only a few accidents in the beginning but now you're consistent and such a champ. We've only said, "Odessa, you don't pee in your underwear. You pee in the toilet, OK?" 950 times to you. I think it's working.

You love to command us to speak "louda, loudah!" when we whisper to you in the morning. You're just such a little imp, always favoring Asian Grandma and wanting to her to "Look Gramma, look" at whatever you're doing.

You're so tall and already 29 pounds. A giantess for your age and already almost growing directly into Emmy's clothes. You eat well, you laugh a lot, and you entertain constantly. We love you more each day.