Memo to Dessy: 31 Months


Or more like OH-DESSY!

You're already 2 and a half and a month! You're wearing 3T and sometimes 4T clothing. You're a giantess. You're taller than almost everyone in your class except for a couple super giant kids, one of whom has a dad who is 6' 10." Sorry Odessa. Mommy had to stop somewhere.

Yes, school. You had your first day of preschool and you transferred about 87 My Little Ponies from a basket to a table, squished some homemade Play-Doh, tricycled around like a champ, and called it a day. Next up, actually dropping you off and leaving. Your classroom teachers are prepared for a bunch of cryers; they even have extra grown ups designated as "huggers" to patrol and comfort those of you who have only ever been left in the company of your parents and grandparents. You're gonna need a hugger for sure. 

You are quite...verbal. Talkative. Chatty. NONSTOP TALKER. I have no idea where you get it from. Me? No way.   You really like to narrate everything you're doing. "I eating banana." "I drawing." And you want us to always "Look Mommy LOOK!"

You've developed such a knack for repeating anything and everything that you shouldn't. We're not terribly foul-mouthed around you but even the slightest biting remark or inapproprate verbiage that slips out is immediately adopted and spit back out. You're a taunter. A two year old taunter. You hear us telling Emmy to calm down and next thing we hear is, "Just relax Emmy. Just relax." So uppity for a little sister.

You don't seem to see yourself that way though. When Emmy excitedly yelled about wanting pasta for dinner, this was your response: "You can't have pasta Emmy." Emmy: "?" You: "I eat your pasta. I eat it. I EAT IT." Followed by your chuckling at your own joke.

I don't know how or why but you have a wicked sense of humor for a toddler. Poop-based jokes are your specialty. When you poop, you like to tell us "I hold it, I eat it" and then laugh hysterically at your own genius. One of my favorite recent memories: putting you to bed at night and singing "Skidamarink a-dink, a-dink, Skidamarink a-doo." But instead of saying "I love you" I said, "I love...poo." You could NOT get enough, dissolving into giggles. Every single time. "Again Mommy again!" 

But God forbid we help you. Everything must be done yourself. "I do it myself" is your motto. You remind me of the "worry about yourself" kid.

Your hair got so crazy hobo that we finally gave you your first haircut.

Now, depending on what you're doing, you sometimes remind me of Javier Bardem in "No Country for Old Men." 

Except he had a better attitude.

In Vietnamese there's a phrase "tinh bo" which loosely translates to "expressionless" or "unfazed" or "ignoring your sister and continuing to innocently watch a cartoon despite the fact you just dropped a nuclear bomb and initiated a world war."  You will bite, hit, kick, swat or exact some sort of physical retribution on Emmy--often completely unprovoked and undeserved--and then when she's wailing bloody murder, you're calm as the Dalai Lama in lotus pose. No reaction, no emotion, no remorse. You have been in more time outs as a 2 year old than Emmy ever has in 5 and a half years. In fact, I think Emmy has been in exactly ONE timeout. I know you're not supposed to ever compare your children or do these five things (of which I have done every single one) but Odessa, you are something else for sure.

Extremes. You can be such a bundt face, kicking me right in the jaw because I dared suggest we go brush your teeth, and then minutes later you are a total love. You tell Asian Grandma "I very love you." And you tell Daddy "You are my besssssst brudder." 

You've never met a puzzle you don't love. Wooden blocks, cardboard, hologram. You can do the Melissa and Doug United States of America puzzle by yourself. You have better knowledge of American geography than anyone on your immigrant family side. And the way you say "Oklahoma" is ridiculously cute. "Ohh kla HO ma."

Your Vietnamese is definitely strong with word recognition and understanding. But you rarely use it. Only in a Vietglish kind of way. Like when you said "I didn't cắn Daddy," after you very much did cắn him.

You're just insufferable with all the typical terribles of a two. It's all first-time experiences with you because you are so different from Emmy in so many ways. But it makes us love each of you even more because you're sisters, you're ours, and you're nothing alike.

I love you little Dragon Baby. Just stop trying to overpower me when you don't want to do something. It's exhausting! And you're freakin' strong. And don't repeat that.