Memo to Renley: ONE YEAR

Renley J,

It's pretty official.

I've enjoyed babyhood with you the most.

I think it's because I know you are the last. Final. Ultimo. No one else will ever emerge from this womb. 

So I'm savoring all the moments. Like at least 88% of them. That's a B+, like your dad's personality type. I'm an A+, he's a B+. I normally wouldn't celebrate anything less than a 4.0 but I've relaxed with time. And given the fact I am SO NOT A BABY PERSON and you're the THIRD BABY PERSON I've had the pleasure of creating, it's sort of astonishing to me how much I love you as a baby. 

It's ironic that I'm enjoying you the most as a baby when you're technically the worst as a baby. Worst sleeper (except apparently Daddy thinks you're best napper), loudest crier, most violent and injurious, most prone to crazy temper tantrums with flailing and screaming. I've never been told by so many strangers out in public, "Wow you really have your hands full." Your mullet hair don't care if we're out and about, you will voice your concerns and let your disgruntled flag fly freely, right in the open. I've become 'that' mom. The one who walks into a store, has her baby scream, yell, arch her back and knock something over, startle the clerks, and then I'm so flustered I have to just corral the big sisters, apologize, and leave.

That's you in a nutshell. What Renley don't want, Renley don't do. 

And YET, I'm just inhaling you every chance I get. Nuzzling your fat baby neck and nomming on your back and belly and drinking up every hug you hand out. And you give the best hugs for a person under 25lbs.  They're so satisfying, and you lean in and put the weight of your oversized baby head right on my shoulder and you do the thing Oprah says you're supposed to do to make a hug really meaningful: hugging for like 20 or 30 seconds without releasing the pressure. You do that and it's uh-mazing.

You have a mouthful of shark teeth. So many teeth. You eat all of the things. You skipped the baby food stage and went straight to spaghetti and chicken curry, beef stew, all proteins. "Meat, meat" you're fond of saying. You're like a little WWE wrestler in training with the amount of food you put away. 

You're happy and smiling and mostly enjoyable. But you have very little middle ground. You're hero to zero in 3 seconds flat. 

We gave you a giant waterslide pool party for your first birthday. Ghetto fabulous waterpark backyard edition. You hosted like a champ, no tears, chilled in the plastic blow up pool. Ate some cake and called it a day. It's so nice having one summer baby where I know the weather will allow for an outdoor celebration. Plus, everyone knows summer birthdays are rad.

By the lunar calendar you're a fire monkey. Smart, passionate, adventurous, business minded. Famous monkeys include: Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Dickens, Yao Ming, Daniel Craig, and Gisele Bundchen, Selena Gomez, and of course the Empress Wu Zetian of China's Tang Dynasty. You're in excellent company. 

If there is one wish I have for you after your first birthday, it's that you have at least 99 more filled with health, happiness, and love. We will do our best to ensure that happens. (Keep in mind you're 3rd in line for resources and we're not getting any younger, so the whole pull yourself up by your bootstraps is probably a good motto to start embracing now.)

Love you Rendoodle,